I have busted out every single pain med I have, and my jaw is still a font of misery. I need a team of dental professionals to sedate me, fix every problem they find in my mouth and jaw, and wake me with a morphine drip when it’s over.

Mama said knock me out

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Remember the South Park movie

Where they shoot BIll Gates? I know their pain.

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You know how I wrapped up super early last night? Yeah no. Chattering brain struck again. One of my daily meds is supposed to help with that. Definitely will need to address that at my next doctor appointment. Also the dreams. They ranged from French theatre absurdist to Stanley Kubrick disturbing.
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Woke up to a child who “forgot” computer was yesterday only and slightly more of a winter wonderland. Waiting to see if work gets cancelled again for tonight. Probably not. Can’t afford a second night off but not looking forward to driving in this mess.

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