Revenge Porn Site Operator Tells Google To Remove His Personal Info. Seriously.

The stupid, it burns. It could only be better if they were naked pictures of him after he’d been in the pool, to use the George Constanza excuse.


Red Bull Tries To Block Brewer From Trademarking “Old Ox” Because They Are Both Bovines

Oh for the love of Pete…

I Think I Shall Blog

Although I know not what to blog about.

So I’ve been mad about something for a month now. Like soul eating head exploding hate the world mad. This isn’t a good way to live, FYI. Rather than confront the issue I’ve been doing projects at church to avoid it. I am a huge fan of Captain Awkward and know she and the Awkward Army would say Use My Words(TM). It would be just and right advice. I also know the person I should Use My Words(TM) with won’t change. So it feels kinda useless to do it.

This adulthood shit sucks.