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Potty training time?

I came out of the laundry room this morning and found a naked Sue in her playpen, proudly holding her diaper. I scolded her and wondered what was getting into her. Joe told me she’d been doing this lately and we assumed it was typical baby “ooh, what can I destroy today?”

Then I realized when I went to get her out of the crib this morning she had already unfastened one side of her wet diaper and was working on the other one when I opened the door. And the one I just yelled her for taking off? Wet.

I probably confused Sue more than anything as it dawned on me. “GOOD GIRL! You were wet and took your diaper off! You are SO SMART! Sue, no, no, NO! Don’t eat your diaper! Don’t take off your diaper anymore! No, don’t throw it — SUE!!”

I don’t know whether to start her or wait. I’m sure she’ll let me know. But the first poopy diaper she takes off, on the potty she goes!

Silly LJ

Okay I keep writing this post and LJ keeps dumping it for a restored draft. I got internet on my phone and I’m missed you all and am playing catch up on my friend’s page. And if anyone knows how to get Sue talking let me know.